about alltopia

The Alltopia project is a multimedia resource community intended to create educational opportunities for new writers, the publication of new and established talent, and media exposure for everyone!

Alltopia’s mission is:

  •  to provide new, local writers with opportunities to have their work in digital and paper print,
  • to use the human and networking resources that exist in our local community in the form of experienced writers and friends – we can work together to improve our craft and our visibility,
  • to gain practice with readings, public speaking, and publicity/media management, and
  • to provide our readership with insightful, heart-felt, relevant, and informative work – the kind we’d like to read, ourselves.

Our vision is not utopia; it’s not dystopia, either.  It’s Alltopia – it’s the place each of us find ourselves in, no matter what our circumstances, our dreams, our problems and solutions.  Underlying Alltopia is a sense of encouragement: let’s re-vision our communities, our home, ourselves – let’s think about where we’ve been and dream more clearly and bravely about where we want to be.


We are based in Portland, Oregon.